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About Our Tesla Emblem Alignment Tool and More


Our Tesla emblem alignment tool and templates are carefully created utilizing cutting-edge 3D printers. We are committed to providing high-quality items, which is why we only use the best 3D printing technology to provide the highest quality for our loyal customers.


Once produced, our Tesla Emblem Alignment tool, Tesla Hood Emblem Template, and more will go through a quality control process. We will make sure our tools meet our standards here at Emblem Tools. This will ensure that we will have happy customers and a great final product.


Our Tesla Hood Emblem Template and other tools are produced in the USA. This will allow for better quality tools and faster shipment time.

Our Tools Compared To Competitors

Our tools

Our Tesla Emblem Alignment Tool and templates are made out of TPU 95A, which allows them to be more durable and flexible. This allows for the perfect OEM alignment when placing templates back on easily while protecting the vehicle's paint, PPF, and vinyl from being potentially damaged.

Tools On The Market

Tools on the market are made out of PLA, which is less durable and also not flexible compared to TPU. They are also known for scratching and damaging vehicle paint, PPF, and vinyl. Another thing is the tools on the market are also not as user-friendly as our tools.